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The Academic Management Division was established in 2002 and in the beginning, the division was known as the Undergraduate Study Centre. The division was merged with the Students Affair Unit. Both units then were divided in May 2003. Now, the Academic Management Division is placed under the Department of Registrar.

Academic Management Division is divided into 5 units;

  1. Students Intake & Academic Relations Section
  2. Senate & Academic Administration
  3. Data & Students Record
  4. Examinations
  5. Awards and Conferment
  6. Academic Management Division of Pekan Campus


The Academic Management Division is responsible towards the planning, supervision and execution of matters regarding undergraduates at UMP. Below are the affairs handled by this division:-

  • Students intake and entry
  • Students Registration
  • Course Registration
  • Students Record
  • Examinations and Awards
  • Academic Relations
  • Undergraduate Promotional Activities
  • Convocation
  • Other affairs which are relevant to the administration and academic development of UMP

This division is also responsible of the University Senate in which it coordinates the University Senate Meetings. Senate is the highest academic body which administers and sets the policy regarding academic administration at the University.

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