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Academic Management Division of Pekan Campus

  (a) General Administration Office

  • Manage filing system BPA Office Pekan
  • The financial management office (budget, procurement) BPA Pekan
  • Managing Office assets BPA Town
  • Manage Office inventory records & BPA Pekan
  • Manage store BPA Pekan

(b) Records

  • Managing new student registration
  • Manage course registration
  • Manage drop/add courses
  • Manage credit waiver
  • Manage the process pause/stop/dies
  • Manage student profile
  • Updating student records

(c) Examination

  • Manage the overall operations of the examination
  • Manage logistics preparation exam
  • Manage the preparation of their examination slips
  • Oversee The Preparation Of The Examination Time Table
  • Coordinate the preparation of the examination question papers (collection, prints & storage)
  • Managing the logistics of the examination (public exam, stationery requirements, answer booklet, question)
  • Manage the preparation of the examination results
  • Manage appeals for remarking of examination papers
  • Assist in cases of breach of examination rules
  • Monitor the registration process courses Bachelor programme (Open Registration) and a Diploma in
  • Monitor and implement processes to manage and upgrade the profile of students based on the following activities in IMS;
    a) Course registration
    b) Drop/Add courses

Student Registration & Data Unit

Student Registration

  • Providing undergraduate students data for MyMOHES, MYRA, NHESP, EAC, UMP Annual Report etc.
  • Managing cases of undergraduate student quitting and student deferment
  • Managing the registration process for new students
  • Managing the matric card printing for new students and matric card replacement
  • Publishing the Undergraduate Prospectus Book
  • Publishing the Academic Guide & Rule Book for diploma and bachelor's degree full time students
  • Managing undergraduate student records
  • Managing matters related to undergraduate student data under the Student Profile, IMS Academic

 Data Management

  • Managing data and Undergraduate students system (IMS system involving academic and Power system-ENG).
  • Manage related portals, applications and social media Department.
  • Undergraduate Student data reporting.
  • Provides data for the reporting data for the University (as a strategic quantum leap, Tracer Study, Data Data TVET, STEM, MyResult, Data).
  • Provides data for the purpose of rating of the University (such as MyMohes, MyRA, equivalent, QS Star, QS Ranking, One Nation Prospect, MyResult).
  • Preparation of design and materials activity/program Department and managing dotografi and video production.
  • Analyze data undergraduates.


Course Registration & Examination Unit


  • Setting the Rules & Guidelines for examination
  • Preparing the exam timetable
  • Managing the printing process of exam questions
  • Managing the final exam week
  • Receiving and processing the application form for exam equipment
  • Monitoring the preparation at the exam hall
  • Monitoring the process of marking of exam papers by the lecturer
  • Managing the results confirmation meetings (BOE, MPU and Senate)
  • Announcing the results of the examination
  • Issuing letter for P1 (recovery 1) and and P2 (recovery 2) students
  • Issuing termination letter to students with KG (fail) status
  • Managing the final exam answer script review request from students


Senate & Academic Administration Unit



  • Manage the proceedings of the Senate
  • Prepare the file and meeting agendas
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of the meetings and to manage feedback on every action
  • Manage and update documents and records relating to the Senate (papers, records of the results of the meeting etc.)
  • Update and manage the Senate membership list - including the provision of appointment letters / letters of appreciation
  • Dealing and managing the Standing Committees of the Senate
  • Managing the academic matters for Senate approval / notification
  • Managing the appointment of the Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Senate


  • Managing the administration, records and documentation of the department.
  • Managing the financial matters of the department.    
  • Planning and coordination of staff development programmes involving training and welfare of the staff of the department. 
  • Managing the printing materials and other publications relating to the department including the undergraduate prospectus, pamphlet and brochure.


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